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Strategy Stuck? your People Prepared? are you Geared For Growth?

At TEA, we help B2B businesses execute fruitful outcomes.  Like a cup of tea in the morning we provide management teams with the comfort, clarity, and energy to make strategic decisions to extend and defend their positions in the market. 

How With backgrounds in Corporate Strategy, Marketing, Operations, Sourcing, R&D, and Sales we have over 50 years of collective experience across B2B and PE industries building out, restructuring, or adapting $50M-$1B businesses on a global level.   We’ve become proficient in delivering the following outcomes:

  • Increased EBIT through a mix of marketing management, operations, and business model refreshes
  • 2-4X higher revenues through enhanced models for goto-market execution, sales management, innovation management, and new product launches.  
  • Reduced COGS and SG&A via smarter marketing, Six Sigma methods, automation, and strategic partnerships
  • Increased capabilities and adjacencies for your business and people to have a longer runway for continued success, M&A, or exit 

What we Do


We are Going to Gemba.  That means we roll-up our sleeves and dive in deep into your industry to collect any and all information about your company, customers, and markets (including competitive dynamics). 

From there we will use a variety of analytical techniques to clarify and simplify the insights into actionable growth strategies and tactics.

This is where Third Eye excels.  We can do this to optimize your operations, supply chain, market position, lifetime customer value, and of course profits.

Through diverse work experiences, Six Sigma and PMP training, and education from top-ranked MBA programs I’ve benchmarked best-in-class processes and training materials to train your team the same way I was trained. This is what differentiates TEA and will help you build capabilities to differentiate

What We Enable You To Do


Prem has consistently gone beyond expectations in pursuing business objectives. He brings creativity and energy to the team, and this fresh look brings real results. One recent project comes to mind. Prem took the lead in launching a new product at Rogers Corporation and redesigned the collateral used by the sales team. The redesign went beyond the cosmetic and introduced new content, specifically benefit segmentation and a clear, targeted value analysis. Prem is quick to grasp the key attributes of complex problems and can be counted on to bring new insights to the team.

Jeff Lints CEO Fortius Metals

Prem is a professional, dedicated and objective manager. Though he is a true professional and qualified in many areas, I have great respect for his abilities in market management and product development.

Chris Hipps Global Sales Director, Archroma

Efficient and well organized, it was a pleasure working with Prem. He is well organized, dependable, timely, trustworthy, and always brings a positive attitude to his work. During the last year we’ve launched multiple programs, we’ve encounter some issues, but with his communication and negotiation skills allowed to resolves the issues and enhance the business relationship between our two companies.

Alex Alexis Business Manager, Texel

I've had to pleasure to work with Prem over the last couple of years. I've been really impressed with Prem's willingness to become involved with the product development team to better understand our products and customer's processes. This allowed him to strategically identify new suppliers to grow the business and increase profitability.

Henri Parker R&D Director, Lear Corporation

I was fortunate to have worked directly with Prem at Rogers Corporation for several years. He is extremely motivated and can quickly understand the needs of the customer and provide an innovative solution. He would be a great asset to any organization.

Tim Wilson Director, Product Management, Rogers Corporation

I worked with Prem on numerous projects while at Rogers Corporation and Cabot Microelectronics. He is a detail oriented person that has the ability to quickly evaluate a problem and offer well-founded solutions. Prem was an integral part of the Silicone team. I truly enjoyed working with him.

Victor Rios Supplier Quality Engineer, Entegris (Cabot Microelectronics)
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